Diocesan Sunday

Rev. Dennis Abraham, Vicar of Mar Thoma Church of San Francisco & former Horeb Vicar, conducted Holy Communion service on Sunday, March 6th as part of Diocesan Sunday. Mrs. Merry Thomas, Horeb's Diocesan Representative, assisted during the special liturgy.

World Day of Prayer

Horeb's Sevika Sanghom members assisted during the World Day of Prayer service held on Sunday, March 13th. Sharon Kochamma gave the sermon based on Jeremiah 29: 1-14.

Youth Fellowship

Youth Fellowship held its monthly Bible study at Alex and Sarah's home. Joshi John and Achen led the youths in study of the Word and Serena John helped lead the songs.

Parsonage Sewer Pipe Repair

The sewer pipe from the master bedroom bathroom had to replaced at the Parsonage because tree roots had crept in and blocked it over the years. Workers had to excavate and replace the pipe and flooring over a few days. Homeowner's insurance covered most of the expenses and the work was overseen by our Facilities Coordinator, Mr. Thomas Mammen.