Vicar's Message

Dearly Beloved in Christ,

As we draw closer to the upcoming year, we must also contemplate the ultimate outcome of our lives. This necessity arises from our uncertainty about how long we will live, every day is granted anew. Therefore, we are compelled to prioritize both self-education and the education of future generations.

It remains imperative to seek genuine education that ultimately guides us toward personal growth. Regrettably, today's education often focuses solely on job training. However, education should encompass discernment, disciplined living, and the ability to distinguish between right and wrong, as well as good and bad.

In the past, early education was deeply rooted in faith, guided by the Law of God. In contrast, modern education tends to be more secular and rational, distancing itself from matters of faith and the fear of God.

Notably, the Church designates this month as a time to educate everyone about the imminent glorious return of our Lord. Indeed, blessed is the person who eagerly awaits their Master's reckoning and reward. Sadly, the significance of this event seems to have waned, with little contemplation about the Lord's return and the ensuing judgment. Both the Church and parents share responsibility for this decline.

The pertinent Bible passage insists that we remain vigilant, as the exact timing is unknown. The Word of God likens His arrival to that of a thief, underscoring the element of surprise. We are admonished to stay awake lest we incur His reproach or blame.

A key facet of this preparation involves maintaining fidelity and sensibility in our earthly existence. Yet, frequently, we neglect this aspect of instruction—the principles of integrity and stewardship. The prevalence of affluence and postmodernism has significantly affected the younger generation.

Edification should revolve around preparing and remaining ready for the glorious return of the Lord. This is comparable to having oil in our lamps, as acquiring it in the middle of the night is unfeasible. Scripture instructs us to be primed for the Master's appearance.

Dear brothers and sisters, let us instill authentic and enduring life values in our youth, as these will serve as invaluable assets for them. The Word of God warns that failing to do so could result in the Master's arrival finding us as hypocrites, leading to weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Although our secular educational systems may lack this comprehensive edification, we should willingly and dutifully embrace this responsibility. Our students are prepared and eager to learn. Let us, from the outset, undertake our roles with dedication and prayerfulness.

May God abundantly bless all the members of the Horeb family throughout this month.

Kochummen Achen

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