Winds of Change

As Horeb celebrates its 10th Anniversary, time moves quickly and before you’ve realized it, you moved from young adult to the middle age phase. It’s time to reflect on some of the goals we set as youths regarding our relationship with God and church life. The following article was first published in 1995 in the Los Angeles Mar Thoma Church youth newsletter, “Turning Point”. Although the article was addressed at the youths 27 years ago, it still is very relevant to us today due to diminishing participation of our college aged youths. Is Horeb slipping into a comfortable routine as when this eye awakening article was written or are we willing to engage with the older youths to increase their involvement now?

(Above view is expressed by the newsletter editor & not of the original article’s author)

Change is inevitable. Anything living under the sun must go through some changes. As we grow older, we go through physical and mental changes in our life. If you were to look at the world at large or even societies or cultures, they also go through changes. Recently we have witnessed some radical political changes in Russia and even in the United State Congress. So, this whole process of change is natural for all living things or organizations.

Now if you were to look at our Church, you’ll notice that we have come to a point where there must be some type of change. Some of us know exactly what type of changes are needed to take place, while some do not know the exact nature of change that is needed. But everyone will agree that there has to be some sort of change. The changes that must occur are vital for the existence of our Church into the 21st century. Let me suggest two possible areas of change that we can focus on:

  1. Youth involvement in the leadership role of our church.
  2. Spiritual commitment and growth of the youth. (by the term youth in this article, I am referring to the youths who are above 20 years of age)


Our church in L.A. has been in existence for almost two decades. Now the question is whether it will continue to exist in the coming years? The answer primarily lies with the growing younger generation. We are at the threshold of change. When our parents first formed this church, their intention was to create a church for Malayalee families to come and worship together. The younger generation now has the greater responsibility for the survival of this church. So how do we face this challenge?

First the youth must get involved in the church. This involvement is mostly dedicating your time and talents for the church. There is a phrase you’ll catch me repeat occasionally, “Our church has dedicated and talented people, those who are dedicated are not talented and those who are talented are not dedicated.” We have so many talented youths, but their dedication and commitment is not towards the church. For instance, our Youth League is always trying in many ways to be creative and to improve its activities. But we lack dedicated manpower. Here is one area many of us can actively get involved. Then there is the Choir, Sunday School, and Church administration. Here we can participate in singing, teaching or leading in a church position. Youth involvement in these key areas will result in the growth of our church. Most of us at one time or another complained about our church, but how many of us did anything about it? Criticizing and not doing anything about it, is to look at a problem with a negative attitude. Whereas, criticizing and taking action to change or being involved, is to look at a problem with a positive attitude. Which by the way is a Christian attitude. Whatever you do for the church, you are doing it for the glory of Christ. The Church is an institution ordained by God and therefore you and I have an awesome responsibility.

Second area of focus is on the spiritual commitment and growth of the youths. This is by far more important than the previous one. If the younger generation cannot make a spiritual commitment, then getting involved and leading the church will be futile. Because how can anyone change things pertaining to God without having the Holy Spirit in them. For most of us, about one-third of our life is already spent. So, ask yourself, where do you and Jesus stand? Is He your Lord and Savior, or is He still some unknown figure? On this highway of life, you must meet Him. If not, you have taken a detour and wandered away in another direction. But it is not too late to begin a relationship with Jesus no matter what stage of life you are in.

The Church is the body of God, and it will be a glorious thing if Jesus can use you to do His work. The rewards of this are unspeakable. So let us get committed, get involved in the work of God’s kingdom. There is nothing as wonderful as seeing young people turn their lives over to God. Let us get committed and there will be lots of obstacles to overcome with our involvement, but we shouldn’t be discouraged or give up. Our attitude should be like that of a postage stamp, to stick to the envelope till it gets to the destination. Let the youth be at the forefront of change in our church, because we are the Winds of Change!

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