Message from Achen

Dear Horeb Family,

Greetings to all of you in the name of our Risen Lord!

Let’s thank & praise God for all His blessings upon us throughout this year’s Lent Season.  We were able to join together in-person for our Passion Week evening prayers and worship services after 3 years.  Heartfelt thanks to our families who opened their homes for these gatherings and all of our parish members who took part in the services.  This year’s Easter Sunday Holy Qurbana service had record attendance by our families and friends.  Appreciating very much our Horeb Choir and Sunday School students for their special song presentations. It was a most blessed occasion of worship and fellowship where we could celebrate and rejoice together in the resurrection of our Savior, in all that has been given to us and made possible through God’s grace, mercy, and great love.   The journey to the cross and the empty tomb shows us what God’s love is – it’s a sacrificial love, steadfast and unfailing love.

As we enter into the month of May, we celebrate and honor this love as it’s especially been exemplified in the lives of our mothers.  God’s Word tells us that a mother’s love is a reflection of God’s love (Isaiah 66:13).


Mother is an image of God,
An icon of God’s presence,
A window into God’s mystery
A tangible embrace of God’s gentleness


Let us thank God for our mothers and their selfless love and care, their dedication and faithfulness – for all the ways we have been strengthened and inspired by their love.

And as our Sunday School will come to a close for this academic year on Mother’s Day, I would like to especially appreciate our Superintendent Dr. Susan Varghese, Sunday School Office Bearers, and all of our Teachers for their dedicated and creative efforts as we transitioned to in-person classes and programs.

As we complete one more year of ministry, thanking God for the love, prayerful support, and fellowship of the Horeb family.  And we thank the Good Lord for the opportunity and look forward to the blessed possibilities of another year with all of you for His glory.

With love and prayers,

Rev. Arun Samuel Varghese

Rethinking Thomas the Disciple

Narrated by Naina Abraham and Video by Sarah Abraham

Sunday School Song Performance

Horeb's Sunday School children sang a beautiful Easter song, "Jesus Paid It All" during service on Easter Sunday

Choir Performance on Easter Sunday

Horeb's Choir gave a tremendous performance of the song "Old Jerusalem Town" on Easter Sunday

Horeb Youth Fellowship Outreach

On April 9, we as a youth were able to participate in the Grace City Church Egg Hunt! Firstly, I would like to thank God for his grace and for allowing us to go to this event, Joshi Uncle for proposing that we help out, and everyone who attended the outreach.


The Grace City Egg Hunt is an annual Easter celebration in Irvine that caters specifically to children with special needs. These kids are often not able to attend egg hunts or celebrations like this as they usually lack the necessary accommodations. This event, however, had five different kinds of egg hunts to meet the needs of all the children, not to mention the numerous games, the face painting, and even a bunny petting area! Around four hundred kids were able to attend this incredible event. The pastor of Grace City mentioned that he frequently hears from parents about how this is a celebration they and their kids look forward to all year, and it was certainly clear from the looks on the faces of both the kids and their parents that this was a special event for them. 


Despite the fact that it was a long-awaited event for them, all the kids that I interacted with were truly kind and full of joy. When I helped supervise skee-ball, it wasn’t common for the kids to jump around and dance when they felt that they had made a particularly good shot. They were quick to step aside if they noticed someone behind them waiting, and one of the kids even helped retrieve the skee-balls for another child who was in a wheelchair, and showed him the best way to throw the ball. The experience as a whole was without exaggeration life-changing and definitely gave me a new perspective on the privileges that I take for granted and how I approach life.


When assisting these kids, I was reminded of when the disciples asked Jesus who the greatest in the kingdom of heaven was. The expected response would likely be a revered figure, like Moses or David. Instead, Jesus called a child to him and told his followers that unless they changed and became like little children to him, they would never inherit the kingdom of heaven. In the same passage, he said that, “…whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me.” The Grace City Egg Hunt was truly one of the best ways to show the love of Christ to these kids, who are not only often unwelcomed but are spurned and ignored by many. I look forward to hopefully participating in the years to come and would encourage our youth to do the same.


Joana Thomas